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About Iman


A born and raised Coloradan, first-generation American, progressive Democrat, trailblazer, advocate, and teacher, Iman is running for Colorado’s House District 41 to make the American Dream a reality for everyone.



I’m running to make the american dream a reality for everyone.
— Iman Jodeh

I am running to fulfill the promise of America, to make Colorado a state where we realize our ideals and bring security and freedom for all into existence. 

I am running to ensure Colorado is a state where our identities are not used against us, but are protected, celebrated, and praised.

I am running to ensure Coloradans have access to quality education at any age and opportunity to thrive in their personal and professional pursuits. 

I am running to ensure Colorado’s natural and living environments are healthy, strong, and protected. 

I am running to ensure Coloradans have access to the affordable health care we need so we too can be healthy, strong, and protected.

I am running to equalize the enjoyment and protection of our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of which we are ALL inalienably endowed but which we do not all equally enjoy.

I am running to bring Coloradans together, to fight the forces of greed, hate, and cynicism that work to sew fear into our communities and pit us against each other. 

I am running to work in government to serve the people of HD41 and Colorado so our government is working for us not against us. 

I am running because I have the experience, perspective, and knowledge needed to competently, boldly, and strongly fight for Coloradans’ present and future. 

I am running because the American Dream should be a reality for everyone not just the few.

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