Continued Advocacy

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I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with amazing organizations in my community that are working from the ground up to address social justice issues.   


Wearing multiple hats in my community has also allowed me to advocate on behalf of those without a voice.  Partnering with local organizations truly allows me to capture the essence of being an educator and advocate.  Because of this, it is an honor to serve on commissions such as the Denver Complete Count Census Committee, the University of Denver Religious Advisory Council, or the US District Attorney Community Organizations Group.

Carrying my Public Policy degree through my role as Deputy Policy Director at the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, I was able to monitor any religious and civil liberty bills during the Colorado Legislative Session.  Currently there are roughly 75,000 Muslims in Colorado spanning across 30 mosques. This number has spiked since the mid 1990's when the Muslim community numbered about 30,000 throughout 8 mosques. A large concentration of Muslims currently resides in Senate District 26. It is imperative that our elective officials understand the role that, immigrants and refugees, Muslim and otherwise, play in Colorado.  Therefore, establishing relationships with representatives, lobbying and testifying has helped dispelled myths and stereotypes about the Muslim community and educated non-Muslims about the how proposed bills could impact the Muslim community.


Identifying the need to come together as a in the face of bigoted policies in early 2017, the Colorado Muslim Society (CMS), the largest and oldest mosque in the Rocky Mountain Region, appointed me as their first woman Spokesperson as well as a member of the Executive Committee.  This was one of the greatest honors of my life. Many people in the non-Muslim community have commended CMS for the true display of empowering Muslim women. It has been very powerful for many to see a Western-born and educated woman be the face for the Muslim community. It is a stark difference to the traditional image of an American Muslim. This role has seen me featured in print, radio and television, as well as guest lectured 34 times.

If elected, I would be better equipped to mobilize the voters of the district and stress the importance of civil service. This would be a chance to represent all of my communities and uphold our shared values, an ethos of inclusion, empowerment and mutual service.