Looking Forward

I have big goals and even bigger dreams for this great state! I would like to draft policy that allows for future generations to capitalize on progressive social change that we pass today.

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Voting Rights

The right to vote is one that many people around the world do not have the luxury to exercise.  Yet, this year in Colorado, only 50% of eligible voters cast a ballot. As Americans we not only have the right to vote, but it is our duty to provide safe, reliable and transparent means to do so.  There is a sense of disengagement and a feeling of disenfranchisement around our politics, propped up by money and power.  But our politics can be built upon inclusion, on elevating those without a voice.  I will work towards a political vision that provides all people the right to participate in this great democracy by pushing for legislation that allows all eligible voters to automatically be registered.


I speak to many people in both Colorado and the Mid-East, and we all know: water is life.  The way we approach the conservation and distribution of this precious resource will shape our community in ways more profound than any of us realize.  In Colorado, it is imperative that we act with both foresight and compassion to avoid the outcomes I have witnessed first-hand in the Middle East.  No one should be subjected to dirty water, and all of us must work to take no more than our fair share.  Unless we substantially revise our water policy, we risk outgrowing our supply, stifling our farmers, and fracturing our society. We live in one of the most beautiful states in the Union and it is our obligation to preserve it for future generations.


Education is vital to the health of our state and country.  If a child grows up in an isolated community, they will have no opportunity to experience the global society we live in.  Education unlocks that potential, not just for a given child, but for the community at large.  Educators can provide and expose a world-wide context to their students, building the skills and cultural competency necessary to compete in today’s and tomorrow's economy. I put my belief in education into action by guest lecturing to students in k-12 as well as undergraduate, graduate and continuing education courses for adults. This allows me to have a grassroots reach in the classroom, and reach beyond public policy. We all have a personal stake in education, so let us improve our schools take them to new, progressive heights!

There is critical point I have learned over the past ten years of working in education. Education is not and should not be limited to a single historical perspective.  Rather, we must include all people, regardless of sex, nationality, religion, or socio-economic background. This extends outwards from the classroom to everyday human interaction that forms a lifelong curriculum.  

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6-Point Plan for YOU!

  1. BUILD relationships with other elected representatives and advocacy groups to ensure authentic constituent representation during the legislative session;

  2. PARTNER with organizations with shared values is crucial to execute successful policy with support from community members;

  3. EMPOWER constituents through civic engagement, trainings, lectures and town halls  while arming them with a wealth of information in their native languages;

  4. ESTABLISH a toolkit that constituents can use to train others on civic engagement;

  5. COLLABORATE with grassroots organizations, individuals, representatives, and stakeholders to ensure that everyone have an equal voice at the table.

  6. ADVOCATE for the voters of SD 26 and be a resource for anyone in need of representation or guidance.