About Iman

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A Colorado native, born to a Palestinian-American family, Iman brings a unique perspective to the Colorado Senate.  Growing up in Colorado public schools, she witnessed first-hand the disparities between her home here, and her family home in Palestine.  Through her work for the family business, she learned the struggles of working-class people, and the difficulties many in Colorado have making ends meet.   It was her experience with both family homes that galvanized her into public service.

Iman is the founder and executive director of Meet the Middle East, an educational non-profit dedicated to building deeper understanding and relationships between Americans and Mid-East peoples.  To build this ground-breaking organization she has worked with local, national, and international agencies to organize dozens of overseas trips. Since taking over as Executive Director, Iman has quadrupled Meet the Middle East’s public contacts, expanded its’ media footprint, and built it into one of the most trusted sources for Mid-East policy in Colorado.

Iman’s passion for education has led her to engage at all levels.  With hands-on experience from teaching at the University of Denver, running an Interfaith summer camp, and lecturing in Denver, Aurora, Cherry Creek, and Littleton Public Schools, Iman is a seasoned classroom educator, dedicated to broadening students’ horizons.  She has worked to elevate education in Colorado through public policy, helping pass in-state tuition for refugees and immigrants who served alongside our troops. She has also advocated on behalf of a more inclusive historical narrative for our public school students.  

Looking forward, Iman plans to bring progressive bills to the Governor’s desk.  She is excited to help Governor-elect Polis reach his goals of a fully sustainable Colorado by 2030, and help preserve our open spaces for the next generation.  Her work on civil rights has reinforced the importance of voting rights, which she will seek to expand with automatic voter registration and multilingual ballots.  To uplift education in Colorado, Iman will support increased teacher salaries, a modernized, global curriculum, and affordable, debt-free public universities.

This January, we have an opportunity to crown a remarkable election season.  Iman will be the first Muslim woman to serve in the Colorado General assembly, and will bring a voice to tens of thousands of Coloradans who have yet to see a member of their own faith serve in the legislature.  We invite you to join us as we make history, and together, we can bring to life the next chapter of the American dream.